Acne in men: know the causes, methods of treatment and prevention

 Acne in men: know the causes, methods of treatment and prevention

Do you suffer from acne? Do you want to know the causes and methods of treatment to get rid of it? So, follow the article, it will answer all your questions about acne in men.

Acne in men: know the causes, methods of treatment, and prevention

Sometimes, acne can appear in men, and it becomes persistent and causes an annoying appearance, and it may also indicate some health problems in the body. Let’s get acquainted in the following with the most important information about acne in men:

Causes of acne in men

Acne is caused by excess sebum secretion in the sebaceous glands, and this problem is usually related to hormones, in addition to some other causes that lead to acne in men, including:

  1. Excessive stress

Androgen hormone is responsible for the development of male traits and must be in good levels in the body; Because its excess causes acne breakouts.

Stress can cause a man to increase the hormone androgen, which stimulates the sebum production.


  1. Over-drying the skin

Some people over-dry the skin in order to remove excess oils, and this increases the chances of acne in men.

When the skin is severely dehydrated, the sebaceous glands will increase the secretion of sebum to restore the oil levels in the skin, and when a large proportion of the oil is secreted, it will fill the pores and lead to clogging.

  1. Washing the skin with hot water

Washing the skin with hot water rids it of the natural oils in it, which prompts the sebaceous glands to secrete more oils that cause pores to clog.

As long as this wrong habit continues, acne will continue to appear in men, especially on the face area.

  1. Skin exposure to bacteria

There are several ways that cause bacteria to be transmitted to the skin, such as:

Hand contact with the skin without washing.

Use unclean towels.

Sharing personal tools with others, such as shaving tools.

These errors result in the transmission of bacteria to the skin and its proliferation, and thus the appearance of acne on the face.

  1. Use of chemicals

Many skincare products contain harmful chemicals that irritate the skin, and infections can cause acne in men.


There are some other ways that lead to exposure to chemicals and toxins, such as: detergents and pesticides.

  1. Adopting an unhealthy lifestyle

The chances of getting acne in men increase if you eat a lot of unhealthy foods, such as: fatty foods and sugars, because they cause a hormonal imbalance.

Also, some wrong habits cause acne, such as smoking, and not getting a good amount of sleep every day.

Acne treatment for men

The first step to treating acne in men is to follow the preventive methods that will be mentioned later, but with the persistence of acne, it is recommended to go to a dermatologist to determine the cause and use appropriate treatments for the condition.

How to prevent acne in men

Some methods help prevent acne in men, and they are:

Choosing the right products for the skin: You should choose the products that suit the type of skin and do not cause more dryness or excess fat, as these things lead to the appearance of acne.

Choosing chemical-free products: It is recommended to choose skincare products that are made from natural ingredients and do not contain harmful chemical compounds.

Paying attention to hand and face hygiene: Hand washing must be done regularly to avoid the transmission of bacteria to the face. It is also recommended to wash the face to rid it of bacteria.

Use of clean personal tools: Make sure to clean and sterilize personal tools used for shaving and dry the face before using them, and no non-personal tools should be used.

Not rubbing the skin hard: This wrong habit increases the chances of acne in men because it causes the skin to rid itself of the natural oils in it.

Avoid wrong habits: such as smoking, staying up late, and stress, as they are among the main reasons that lead to hormonal imbalance and acne breakouts.

Moisturizing the skin: Care must be taken to moisturize the skin constantly, by drinking large quantities of water daily and using a moisturizer made of natural materials.

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