5 tricks to clean up the nursery

5 tricks to clean up the nursery

Fixing up a toddler’s bedroom at home can sometimes seem like an (almost) impossible task. Imagine one of those winter afternoons when the rain didn’t stop and you were home with the kids, without going out, playing, and taking out anything unwanted they found in their way. You wonder: How am I going to solve this mess? How is the children’s room prepared for the next week?

Don’t panic. Cleaning this room is easier than you think. Just put these 5 hacks into practice and you’ll see how quickly you can clean up the nursery without even realizing it.

Ventilate the room

Take advantage and open the windows well for ventilation. This is especially important at this time of year, when the house is usually completely enclosed with the heating turned on, something that can greatly burden the environment. Feel free to leave the windows and doors wide so that the air flows and everything is saturated with oxygen.


Make the bed and shake off the rugs and pillows

Among other things, of course. Make the bed. If you’re planning on changing the sheets, now is the time. It’s also an ideal placement for shaking up carpets and/or vacuuming, and giving existing pillows, blankets or placemats in the room.


Collect games and books and place an order

The arrangement is a must. Spend the time needed to put back everything that was misplaced, from the same toys to school supplies, for example, shoes or even clothes that were left hanging from chairs or coat racks. This point is necessary so that later you can use the broom, mop, and/or vacuum cleaner and even clean if the floor is particularly dirty. Don’t forget to look under the beds, desk and even behind the curtains, one never imagines where the toys are hiding!

Slide the mop to remove dust

Once everything is arranged and assembled, the bed and things are in place, you can proceed to dust. Remember, “cotton does not cheat” and once you’ve swiped the mop you can repeat the process with the cloth to make sure it’s completely clean.

Ground time: broom, vacuum cleaner, mop

It will depend on what tools you have in the house, but obviously, you should finish the floor. You can remove the dust with a broom, mop, or go straight to the vacuum, ensuring that the job is done well. Finally, mop so that the floors are very shiny.

As you can see, these kid’s room cleaning tricks are basic but necessary. Good maintenance of the children’s bedroom is key to ensuring a healthy environment, so jot these ideas down and you will see how it will be especially easy to arrange them in the children’s room.


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