10 tips to keep pregnant women healthy

10 tips to keep pregnant women healthy

Healthy eating is important for pregnant women

Here are 10 general tips that a pregnant woman should follow to have a smooth pregnancy and smooth delivery.

Most pregnant women think that they should stay in bed until delivery, and this is a common mistake unless the doctor requests it. 

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An Egyptian obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Mai Helmy Zahra offers 10 tips that a mother should follow to have a smooth pregnancy and smooth delivery. 

1- Do daily activities


The practice of normal daily activities does not negatively affect the health of the mother during pregnancy. On the contrary, it stimulates the blood circulation of both the mother and the fetus unless there are serious complications.

2- Adequate nutrition


The mother needs adequate and balanced nutrition during pregnancy, since the fetus receives its nutrition from the mother, considering not wasting the nutrients, since it can cause obesity from which it can be difficult to get out, considering it beneficial for the child. after pregnancy

3- Drink water


Drinking enough water, at least 3 liters a day, protects the mother from many diseases, the most dangerous being high salt levels and frequent infections in the urethra that can cause premature labor and miscarriage.

4- Follow-up with radiographs


In her 9-month pregnancy journey, the designated day for the television beams on the fetus is the meeting of mother and child, as she gives her energy and hope to endure the rigors of pregnancy in the hope of a future meeting. It is the most important safety for mother and child.

5- Always measure your blood pressure


Due to its importance, maternal blood pressure should be measured during pregnancy. It is natural that it is a lower than normal index, but if it is high, the mother is prone to preeclampsia, so repeated measurements should not be neglected, especially after the 20th week of gestation.

6- Blood sugar measurement


Random blood glucose measurement is a routine test for the mother to prevent gestational diabetes during pregnancy, especially after the 24th week.

7- Iron intake


Not taking iron tablets during pregnancy causes a high rate of anemia, which can lead to health disasters during childbirth.

8- Listen to the doctor’s advice


The mother must follow the doctor’s advice, no matter how exhausting, regarding her health and the condition of the fetus. The mother and her baby should avoid medications that warn of a safe pregnancy period and follow feeding and movement instructions.

9- Enjoying the pregnancy


Despite the difficulties of pregnancy, it is the most important period when the mother rejoices at the joy of the fetus and grieves at its pain.

10- Normal delivery


Because the consequences of cesarean section are dangerous and should be avoided as much as possible, this is the best way to give birth, so be prepared for a normal delivery as long as the position of the fetus allows it.

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