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One of the most common questions that may come to the minds of most mothers during prenatal pregnancy is: Am I pregnant with a boy? What are the signs of pregnancy Bold? But it must be noted that no matter how much you ask or research about this matter, it is not possible to find a definitive answer to this question, as there are no clear and explicit or even scientific signs of pregnancy.

In this article, we will present to you the signs of pregnancy with a boy, knowing that they are not based on a scientific basis:

Signs of pregnancy Bold

We will now mention to you the most prevalent myths that focus on the subject of signs of pregnancy, but you must realize that all of these things are not based on scientific facts as we mentioned, and even if you manage to apply some of these points to your case, they may not be true:

1. Morning sickness

Many women believe that being pregnant with a boy means less morning sickness, unlike being pregnant with a girl. Being pregnant with a girl means an increase in the level of hormones, which encourages the nausea process.

In fact, morning sickness differs from one pregnant woman to another, as it was found that women who suffer from morning sickness significantly during pregnancy have greater chances of conceiving females, but this result has not yet been confirmed and supported, so it remains just a myth and has no scientific evidence to prove that it is one of the signs Bold pregnancy.

2. Skin problems

The myth revolves in this context that being pregnant with a girl will reduce your beauty, as it steals this beauty for her, while pregnancy with a boy will not cause the appearance of acne and pimples on your skin, and it is said that a pregnant woman with a boy may suffer from the appearance of dark circles under her eyes more than a pregnant woman girl

Of course, this has not been scientifically proven, as pregnancy hormones change in a continuous way, in turn affecting the pregnant woman, her hair and her skin.

3. Food cravings

If you are carrying a boy, you will definitely want to eat salty and sour foods, while carrying a girl means that you will be tempted to eat sweets and chocolate a lot.

But in fact, science has not proven any of these things and has not found any relationship between cravings for a certain type of food during pregnancy and the gender of the baby, but this may be due to the change in the nutritional needs of the pregnant woman only.

4. The number of heartbeats

This may be the most common myth among pregnant women, as they believe that if a baby’s heartbeat is about 140 beats per minute, it means that it is male, but if it is higher than that, the baby is female.

Of course, this information is nothing more than a myth, as it was found that there is no difference in the heartbeat of the fetus, whether it is male or female, in the early stages of pregnancy, meaning that it is not considered a sign of the pregnancy of a boy scientifically.

5. Belly height

You may find that many people around you are trying to find out the gender of your fetus by the height of your abdomen, as they think that the height of the abdomen up means that you are pregnant with a girl, while its height down indicates that you are carrying a boy.

At other times, some believe that the round and rounded abdomen means that the fetus inside you is male, while the flatter abdomen is evidence that you are carrying a female.

So far, science has not been able to confirm this information, so that it remains just myths passed on by generations, and as a means of entertainment and petting the pregnant woman only.

6. urine color

This information may be strange, but it is widespread among a group of women. They believe that dark urine is a sign of pregnancy with a boy, while light urine indicates pregnancy with a girl.

In fact, this is also not proven, but it will be an effective way to keep the excitement and longing between you and your partner.

7. Your sleeping position

It is known that women during pregnancy have a very difficult time finding the right position to sleep, but this myth says that if you sleep on your right side, you are pregnant with a girl, but if you prefer your left side, your fetus is male.

There is no need to monitor yourself and your sleeping position, just find the most appropriate position for you during this tiring stage, as this information is nothing but a myth as well.

8. Increase the length of head and body hair

The legend says that being pregnant with a boy increases the length and luster of the hair, while being pregnant with a girl will cause the hair to weaken and fade. In fact, if the hair of a pregnant woman is properly nourished, her hair will increase in length and shine in any case as a result of hormonal changes.

9. Difference in breast size

Legend says that a woman carrying a boy has her right breast bigger than the left, but in fact, the change in the size of the breasts is natural and depends on the nature of the mother’s body and not on the gender of the baby.

10. The black line under the navel

The legend revolves around the black line below the navel of a woman. For a pregnant woman, the line under her navel is darker and blacker, and this is of course not true. The interesting thing is that this line is not really known, but its length increases by one centimeter every week.

Scientifically determine the gender of the newborn

Of course, the previous things will not help you determine the signs of pregnancy, but it will increase your desire to know the gender of your baby at the right time.

The sex of your newborn is usually determined on the first day the sperm meets the egg, based on the sperm that fertilized the egg, but your baby’s reproductive system is developing around week 11 of pregnancy.

Therefore, you will not be able to find out its gender until about week 14 of pregnancy and after you undergo an ultrasound scan.

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