10 powerful ways to conquer a bad mood or anger

10 powerful ways to conquer a bad mood or anger

Anger is a natural reaction. These strong feelings are part of human nature and occur when we are not getting what we want. Bad mood can be bad, and the people around him are also affected by it. What can we do to get out of this predicament? While we feel like we can’t control ourselves when we’re angry, it’s possible and doable—it just takes effort. You must commit to overcoming your feelings and not letting them ruin the rest of your day. It takes practice, and here are 10 ways you can overcome anger or a bad mood:

Be aware of how you are feeling

Don’t fall into the trap of popular advice that says it’s best to ignore your anger or bad mood. Suppressing your feelings can become unhealthy for your emotional and mental health. It often doesn’t work anyway because you end up exploding with negative feelings or developing bad habits like drug and alcohol abuse or loneliness (because you feel like you need to protect yourself to put up that emotional wall) or even physical pain when our body suffers from headaches, digestive problems and a variety of other health problems.

Instead of ignoring negative feelings, acknowledge them and give them a name. Accept the feelings and this exercise can be as simple as saying you’re in a bad mood. Also consider how you feel physically, e.g. B. if your heart is racing or your stomach is cramping.

Find out why

Being in a bad mood is no coincidence. There is a trigger and you need to be aware of that trigger to avoid repeating negative feelings. When you’re calm enough to think, try to estimate how long you’ve felt angry, how often, and what the most common causes are. Write it down or talk to someone you trust. Sometimes being open helps a lot, but for some people, hiring a professional therapist is the answer.

get physical

Integrate exercise into your lifestyle and feel your heartbeat. Exercise also releases happy chemicals like dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. You don’t have to do routine exercises. It is enough to jump or run on the spot. Plus, it becomes a great distraction.

eat your heart

Sometimes your bad mood can be caused by something physical, like hunger. You may be tired and forget to eat a meal. Eat a healthy snack and watch your mood go from sour to sweet in a matter of moments.

be vigilant

Be alert and present. This exercise can help improve the way you think when things aren’t going your way. You can start by sitting quietly and breathing deeply for five minutes, or you can set an intention that you want to achieve for the day. It’s about shifting focus from bad to good.

smile often

The physical act of smiling can trick your brain into thinking you’re actually happy. Smiling helps your body release endorphins, the happy chemical. Whether a smile is forced or not, your brain won’t tell the difference!

Help on visual signals

Write small notes to hang around your house with words of encouragement, such as: B. “You got this!” or “Don’t forget to take a deep breath.” These notes serve as a reminder when you’re in a bad mood; Seeing such positive phrases can change your feelings.

Talked to a friend

Call up a trusted friend and unleash some power. Leaving everything behind for someone you know and protecting your back can work wonders. Chatting with a friend has another effect – you will be distracted from the new experience, and you will most likely forget about your anger.

learn to let go

Sometimes it’s not just nuances that trigger negative feelings, but negative experiences from the past that you relive over and over again. Get rid of this habit and learn to let go. Learn to recognize that not everything is under your control. Do something to help you release the anger, like writing down how you felt about the experience or a specific person and burning the paper.

Get professional help when you need it

If you’re constantly feeling angry and negative, it may be time to seek help from a therapist. If you’ve been criticizing others frequently, have been in a bad mood for weeks, or your negativity is starting to affect your relationships with others, it’s time to make an appointment.


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